About Titan Factory Direct Homes

Who are we?

Champion Home Builders has building facilities throughout the United States and has a rich and long history of constructing high quality homes. In 2016, Champion Homes launched a factory retail division. Champion Retail Housing is aggressively opening “factory-direct” retail stores throughout the southern United States. We call them home stores, but you can call them factory outlets if you prefer! If we are not in your town, we are just a short drive away. And most of the process can be handled up front over the Internet.

Working side-by-side with Champion’s regional building facilities across the South, Champion retail is opening home stores under the banner Titan Factory Direct Homes in Florida, Georgia, Louisiana and North Carolina. The Titan southern retail operation is led by an executive team that combines 100-plus years of leadership, managing modular, manufactured and mobile home marketing and retail operations. This team is now designing for its customers the most modern and consumer-friendly shopping environment in the industry.

What does Titan mean to you?

Our advertising slogan is Titan Means Giant Savings! But it’s more than a slogan. Each home store offers factory-direct pricing to every customer, delivered straight from the nearest Champion building facility. That means you save thousands of dollars in transportation costs. In turn, this means home buyers get more value for each hard-earned dollar in their new home.

At each home store, our teams are dedicated to creating a home buying experience so easy that our customers never need to shop anywhere else. Why would they want to? Each home store has access to multiple building facilities that offer a wide variety of floor plans to choose from — from tiny homes to townhomes — at prices that fit everyone’s budget.

Savings doesn’t always mean cheaper. Our company is set on eliminating unneeded costs and overhead. That can mean more features — the things you’d like to have — for the same price as our competitors. Frankly, home ownership is a long-term proposition, so here’s what you can expect when you buy at any one of our locations:

  • Our flexible floor plans help ensure production-line efficiency and contribute to quality control while allowing home buyers to fit the plan to their specific needs.

  • Our homes are built to be energy efficient, reducing the overall cost of housing because it saves homeowners money on their monthly utility bills, which means thousands of dollars of savings over the life of the home.

  • Our homes are designed for efficiency and engineered with no wasted space, which reduces the cost per square foot of a Champion home.

  • Our smart-home convenience packages allow homeowners to be technologically efficient and maximize savings.

  • In our quality-controlled production factories, our homes are built under the best of conditions, out of the weather elements to make sure building materials are never compromised by the weather.

So visit our stores in Florida, Georgia, Louisiana and North Carolina to find the perfect home that fits your lifestyle and budget!